Fertility Counselling

Going through fertility treatment can feel as though your life is on hold. You might feel as though you can't confide in anyone who will understand what you are going through.  You might ping from pillar to post with a sweeping range of emotions.  You might require specialist knowledge about treatment procedures. You may be using a donor and need expertise in identifying and understanding the implications of this.


Fertility Counselling with a psychotherapist who has been specifically trained in fertility matters, can help you to explore the complex range of emotions that are likely to arise during your fertility journey.  

You may find that the clinic treating you, insists upon fertility counselling either before, during or after treatment.

I have experience of working as a Specialist Fertility Counsellor both in a private fertility clinic and in my private practice.

Support Counselling

  • Recommended before, during or after treatment. 

  • An opportunity for you to explore your fears and anxieties.

  • Helpful in enabling you to identify coping strategies for managing stress

  • Helps you to identify and understand relationship dynamics with your partner

  • Helps you to make choices and changes.

  • It can be particularly beneficial at times of distress or crisis


Implications Counselling

  • A requirement by HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) for those undergoing donor-assisted conceptions (using donated sperm, eggs, or embryos).

  • Helps you to reflect on and understand the proposed procedure and the lasting implications both now and in the future. 

  • It takes into account the welfare and needs of the future child.

  • Is a necessary requirement in the event that a Welfare of Child Report is required

You are undergoing one of the most important journey's of your life.  What better time to access support?